Unofficial translation by A.N. Zhiltsov

General information on the Russian School for Private Law

The establishment of the Russian School for Private law was one of the major goals provided for in "The Programme for the Foundation and Development of Private Law in Russia", approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on 7 July 1994. According to the Programme, the young Russian market economy is in deep need for the development of private law and the revival of private law traditions. This, among other tasks, presupposes the training of the new generation of lawyers that would become legislation drafters, judges and teachers specialized in the field of private law. The Russian School for Private Law (hereinafter "the School") was established to bring these ideas into life.

The School is a federal postgraduate educational institution that offers a 2 year educational programme to the graduates of juridical universities or institutes leading to the awarding of a Master's degree. The School has two branches, the Moscow branch and the Urals branch (Ekaterinburg).

The educational programme of the School includes the following courses:

The theory of civil law; General problems of private law; The development of the private law institutions; The fundamentals of civil law; Introduction into civil law; The Roman private law; Company law; The law of property; The law of contract; The law of torts; Intellectual property law; The law of taxation; The private law systems of foreign countries; Comparative contract law; Comparative antitrust law; International sale of goods; Private international law; The contract of lease in Russian and foreign law; The judicial protection of civil law rights; Organization and technique of legislation drafting and some others. The students of the School are also offered the possibility to take courses in legal translation in either English, French or German languages.

The teaching stuff of the School is comprised of the professors and teachers of the well known Russian universities and academic institutions: The Private Law Research Centre Attached to the President of the Russian Federation, The Moscow University, The Moscow State Institute for International Relations, The Academy of Foreign Trade, The Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation, The Urals Legal Academy. Some teachers and professors of the School are well known not only for their academic achievements, but also as practising lawyers or experts in legislation drafting. Several courses would be delivered by the well-known professors from Dutch, German, US and other foreign universities.

The educational programme of the School also provides for a 6 month practice in academic, governmental or commercial legal institutions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

The final attestation under the educational programme of the School presupposes the defence by the graduate of his thesis (project) leading to the awarding of a Master's degree in private law. The thesis is prepared in the course of the study under the supervision of one of the teachers of the School and must deal with one of the problems of private law. The preparation of a draft legislative act in one of the areas of private law may be an element of a thesis defence. The final attestation under the programme of the School is conducted by the commission, appointed by the Scientific council of the School. The graduates which have successfully passed the final attestation shall receive the State diploma of a Master in private law.

As the School is funded from the federal budget, the courses it offers are free of any charge. All the students of the School are entitled to federal grants.

In 1995, the year of the establishment of the School, 52 students passed the entrance exams and have been admitted to the course of studies (32 - in Moscow branch, 20 - in Urals branch).

- elaboration, adoption and realization of the programme of a higher postgraduate legal education, ensuring the education of highly qualified lawyers with a Master's degree in private law;

- elaboration and realization of other programmes of higher and postgraduate legal education in specialized areas of private law (specialization);

- training of scientific and scientific/pedagogical personnel in postgraduate courses;

- theoretical research, drafting of legislative texts as well as other scientific activities in the field of private law, preparation and publication of textbooks, scientific and other works on private law;

- coordination of educational programmes in private law in the Russian Federation;

- organization and realization of educational and scientific cooperation, the conduct of research and realization of other projects in cooperation with international organizations and foreign institutions, education of specialists in the field of private law for foreign countries.